• Kathryn Clarke
  • Kathryn Clarke

Be even more successful… by just being you

We’re always looking for that magic ingredient that will make us more successful in business, happier in our lives, and feeling as though we can take on the world.

Have you considered that the magic ingredient could be you?

If you’d like to explore how you could be even more successful by just being you, I can help.

My customers have told me that through working together they’re now confident that the image they’re presenting on the outside matches the knowledge, expertise and passion for their business they have on the inside. As a result, they’re becoming even more successful, by just being themselves.

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Colleagues on Tap – Durham 23rd Sept

August 29, 2013

  I’m delighted to have joined the Colleagues on Tap team as an Associate Host and can’t wait for our first co-working day in Durham.   If you usually work from home then come along and spend the day with some other business owners for some inspiration, motivation, good conversation and a nice lunch.   [...]

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Be Yourself

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In Detail

First impressions count – are you telling your customers that you’re confident, capable and worth every penny?

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Personal Growth

In Good Company

Small group sessions packed with practical, bite-size information that you can implement immediately to help you look the part, act the part and most importantly, feel the part.

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The Success Club

The Success Club

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